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Our Promise and Values

Our mission as a company is simple.. We aim to provide best-in-class service to all of our clients. We offer a 2 hour response time guarantee with emergency service available 24/7. When disaster strikes, rapid response is vital in order to mitigate the damage, repair the structure, and get you back to your normal life. At Suffolk Water Damage, we are here to make that happen for you, and we stand ready to go to work for you and your family.


About Suffolk Water Damage

Suffolk County Water Damage is Long Island’s leading water and fire damage restoration company. With decades of combined experience, our professionals are seasoned in a variance of issues that can arise as a result of the elements in addition to current/prior fire and water damages. Remedies that we specialize in are fire damage, smoke damage, puff backs, water damage,flood damage, latent water damage and constructional damages resulting from exposure of internal dysfunction. We also specialize in mold removal and mold restoration as a result of water damage. Our experts consist of a broad array of specialists who work cohesively to address your home or commercial business’s unique situation. At Suffolk County Water Damage, we utilize an array of top-of-the-line equipment, specially formulated cleansing agents while exercising individual methodologies to ensure your building’s exterior and interior are thoroughly fixed and cleansed. At Suffolk County Water Damage, we are fully insured, and we work quickly and efficiently to ensure your peace of mind. Our team of professionals focus on each project as a new and exciting challenge. We take pride in customer satisfaction, and our services are guaranteed to be fast, reliable, non-invasive and best of all, affordable.