About Us

Suffolk County Water Damage is devoted to customer service, refined craftsmanship and the well-being of the surrounding Long Island community that we assist. Our trained specialists have accumulated years of expertise in the repair of constructional damages as a result of the elements in addition to varying internal problems. Whether damages have incurred as a result of a puff back or a flood, our company has the quickest and most affordable solution. Suffolk County Water Damage is standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that unforeseen problems can be addressed as soon as possible.

Suffolk Water Damage Services
Suffolk County Water Damage doesn’t just specialize in water damage, but also specializes in damages that result from fires, smoke, and mold; hazards that can cause sickness if not addressed and repaired by professionals. Our company is fully insured and consists of experts who utilize cutting-edge technology, unique company methodologies and specially formulated cleansing agents to rid your home or business of unsightly smoke stains, mold spores, and latent water. Our team of professionals exercise particular plans-of-action developed by our company experts to address the core issues of your structure’s damages. Each situation is unique, and our team focuses on proper repair and replenishment while providing unparalleled speed and reliability. We also respect our customer’s privacy, which is why we strive to be as fast and as non-invasive as possible.
Our company utilizes top-of-the-line equipment and specially formulated cleansing products to repair and cleanse the damages. With access to industrial fans, ventilation systems, vacuums and mold-removal products and equipment, we can effectively restore your property’s value and integrity. Safety is also a paramount objective, and we strive to ensure that all damages are correctly repaired the first time around. We all of our customers’ business, and we provide unbeatable prices with superior customer service. No matter how complicated the issue, our professionals will devise an affordable solution.