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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration | Nassau and Suffolk County

The fire damage services that we offer are smoke removal, soot removal, contents pack-out, climate-controlled storage, air duct cleaning, computer cleaning, furniture restoration, cabinet restoration, document restoration and drying, as well as board-up services. We offer a vast array of options to ensure that your home, business, and belongings can be remedied and remain safe. We focus on removing odors caused by smoke while cleansing the areas to restore them back to their original condition. If fire damage is left stagnant, your infrastructure may begin to collapse both internally and externally. Fire damage is dangerous and should be addressed as soon as the problem surfaces.

Fire damage can occur suddenly, leaving a path of chaos behind. Suffolk County Water Damages addresses fire and smoke damage in addition to water damage, carpet cleaning and puff backs. Our services are all inclusive, and we seek to remedy your structure’s problem to avoid demolition, which is much more costly. Factors like incorrect wiring, devices being left on, hot surfaces, lighting, heaters, dryers, ovens, forest fires and more can wreak havoc on your home or commercial business. Our company strives to eradicate the damages while offering affordable remedy and rejuvenation services.

If left untreated, smoke and soot settle into carpet, fabric, furniture and walls. Remnants of ash and soot continue to stain surfaces while leaving behind a pungent and offensive smell. Worst of all, if left untreated, remnants of smoke can be a serious health hazard. Symptoms of long-term exposure include tight chest, heavy breathing, swollen eyes, dry and itchy skin, irritated throat and irritates sinuses, in addition to affecting respiratory function. Simply put, fire damage should be addressed immediately to eliminate human exposure. Also, addressing the problem when it first occurs drastically decreases the cost and amount of work you will need to invest later down the line.

Our company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment along with decades of expertise to locate and solve the constructional problems resulting from the fire damage. Our experts and engineers have decades of combined experience in restoring and remedying both commercial businesses and homes affected by fire damage. When correcting fire damage, our core focuses are cleansing and sanitation, odor removal, professional deodorization, carpet/carpet pad removal and temporary protection. Suffolk County Water Damage utilizes a series of proven methodologies to eliminate lingering traces of fire damage. Cohesively, our team uses a variance of tools and resources to rejuvenate your damaged property. We have access to professional carpet cleaners, specially formulated products, industrial fans and humidifiers to decontaminate and cleanse any area of your property that has been affected by smoke, soot and fire damage.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that fire damages that you or your business incur can be addressed swiftly to decrease the impact and cost. Our experts quickly source the issues, repair them and then remedy the areas to restore your structure back to its original look. Our company exercises methodologies developed by our professionals who’ve acquired decades of combined damage-control experience. Our specialists have successfully solved nearly every type of natural disaster that your structure may have experienced, and possesses the ability to resolve the problem at its source. We strive for complete restoration coverage and provide the most affordable prices on Long Island. Our experts tackle each new project with overall customer satisfaction in mind.