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Mold Detection, Removal, Remediation and Prevention | Suffolk and Nassau County

Step 1: Assess The Damage

Our team will rapidly assess the extent of your issue, determine a cause and get right to work.


Step 2: Containment

We will immediately begin to Isolate the affected areas to avoid spreading of spores and determine the cause of the mold problem.


Step 3: Clean, egress and test

After treating the affected areas with anti-microbial solutions we will make effects to continually test to make sure the problem is resolved.


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Suffolk County Water Damage is a leading provider of mold assessment services on Long Island. Our team is comprised of professionally trained and fully certified mold assessors. With years of experience under our belts, we are fully prepared to handle all of your mold assessment needs.

If you’ve experienced water damage in your residential or commercial building, there is a high chance that mold could be present. Poor ventilation, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, burst pipes and other moist conditions develop mold and harbor contaminants. If mold is present, it’s important to have a licensed assessor properly identify it before the situation gets worse

At Suffolk County Water Damage, safety and comfort are our top priority. Our team will start with a top-to-bottom visual inspection of your property in order to find the water source. Once that has been identified, we will begin a thorough, detailed examination of the area. During the mold assessment, we seal off the area to avoid cross contamination throughout your residence or business. We’ll use the same care and precaution for all jobs, no matter the size. Most of all, our team will work with a sense or urgency as we know it is a priority to get your home or building back to normal.

Depending on the location of the mold, you may not be able to spot it with your eye. You’ll need o hire a professional mold assessor who has experience identifying the location and type of mold contamination. Suffolk County Water Damage’s mold assessment specialists will work in steps to accurately examine your property.

We start off with a visual inspection to determine the proper remedial strategies. Our team will check ventilation systems for damp filters, cleanliness and any signs of moisture. We will carefully inspect your ceiling, sheetrock, and any paper or cardboard surfaces. Specialized equipment such as moisture meters and hygrometers will be used to detect hidden mold in floors and behind walls. If the visual inspection shows ambiguous signs of fungus, and inhabitants are experiencing health problems that could relate to mold exposure, then we will perform a surface sampling.

Our mold assessment specialists will collect mold samples by wiping the affected area with a swab or using clear tape to strip the surface. We will incubate the fungal sample that we’ve gathered to encourage growth for optimal identification. If you believe you have mold growing in your building, contact us immediately for an assessment.

If our team discovers during the mold assessment that your venitlation system may be contaminated, then we will perform an air monitoring service with our state of the art technology. Air monitoring would be needed if our team of professionals cannot assess any visual signs of mold growth. This type of inspection will provide us with information on the extent of the contamination throughout your property. Whichever testing we perform, it is our priortiy to locate the problem and provide you with a solution, so that you can return to living in clean, fungus-free air.

Suffolk County Water Damage is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assess any damage or mold problems that may suddenly arise. Our company prides itself on excellent craftsmanship, speed, dedication and customer service. We provide the fasted mold assessment services on Long Island at the most cost-friendly prices.