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Puffback, soot and smoke cleanup and containment experts | Nassau and Suffolk County

The remnants of fire damage often contain puff backs, or dark areas where the fire engulfed a particular area more than other spots. Suffolk County Water Damages is Long Island’s top water, smoke and fire remedy service with years of experience in restoring puff backs. Our company is proud to provide emergency puff back remedy services throughout Suffolk County and its surrounding regions.

Puff backs occur when a furnace backfires and the smoke and soot is transferred through the HVAC system into your home or commercial property’s structure. While the soot and ash may appear minuscule, the remnants of the sediment can cause damages to your property’s walls, floors, and furniture. Puff backs have a pungent odor that adheres to any exposed fabrics, structural components, and internal contents of the building, including upholstery, carpet, drapery, furniture and clothing. To combat puff backs before they happen, a comprehensive check with annual maintenance of the HVAC oil furnace system should be conducted, in addition to sourced issues being repaired and cleaned.

At Suffolk County Water Damage, we use industrial equipment to rid your property of soot, ash, smoke and odor, in addition to repairing and cleansing the property’s entire HVAC duct system. Because puff backs heighten the level of carbon monoxide in the air, it is integral to start the remediation process immediately. The riddance of puff backs and their debris should be handled by specialists with years of experience, as puff backs present the same dangers as general fire damage.

If untreated, soot absorbs into carpet, fabric, furniture and walls. Sediment continues to stain fabric and surfaces while its offensive smell increases over time. Also, smoke exposure is a serious health hazard. Symptoms of smoke exposure include tight chest, heavy breathing, swollen eyes, dry and itchy skin, irritated throat, irritated sinuses in addition to affecting respiratory function.

At Suffolk County Water Damage, we use state-of-the-art air filtration systems that thoroughly cleanse, sanitize and deodorize the surfaces and air containing soot. We decontaminate your HVAC system to ensure no additional debris damage your property. Our company utilizes a series of proven methodologies to eliminate the lingering traces of your puff back, fire damage. Our experts use a variety of techniques to repair damage resulting from puff backs. Our company uses professional carpet cleaners, specially formulated cleaning agents, industrial fans, and industrial humidifiers to cleanse areas of your home or commercial business property that have been subjected to smoke, soot and fire damage.

Our puffback services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that smoke and fire damages that result can be quickly fixed to lessen the impact and cost. Our professionals swiftly source the issue then remedy it to replenish your structure’s interior and exterior. Our company has developed a variance of unique smoke removal techniques by experts who have garnered decades of combined experience. Suffolk County Water Damage strives for complete restoration, and to provide the most competitive prices on Long Island and the surrounding areas.